For children and parents alike there is a sense of pride accomplishment and satisfaction when a child masters a physical activity. Introducing a positive feeling about exercising at an early age will make for a life long love of healthy living.

At Fit for Kids Children's gym we hold age appropriate gym classes for children starting with 6 months. Our gym environment is clean, new, unique and safe with state of the art gymnastic mats, custom built wood climbers and a beautiful blue and green nature theme throughout. Our classes assist children at all levels in building self confidence, self-esteem, gross motor skills, balance, flexibility and socialization skills. At each age group we have developed a program that balances free play, circle time and physical activities. Each week we have a new gym set up and a new athletic program to keep both the children and the adults stimulated.

Free Play: Each class begins with free play. This important component allows the children to explore the room, become accustomed to us and the other children in the room. For our 3 and under classes the parents or nannies participate with the children.

Circle Time: The benefits of circle are immense. By introducing ourselves to the kids, and asking them to say their name and who they came with, we teach self-awareness, awareness of others, turn taking and following the direction of the teacher. The exercises we do to music not only teaches the children about up and down, apart together, high and low etc., but also provides them with the opportunity to excercise to the beat of the music which introduces basic knowledge of tempo in music. Each class has two music movement songs and an age appropriate tumble skill. Many parents relate to us that the children play circle time at home and that it prepared them for preschool.

Obstacle Courses and Other Physical Activites: Each week, for the walkers and children under the age of 3, we set up different obstacle courses with our wood planks and gymnastic mats. This prompts balance, directional play, estimation of height and distances, independent thinking and completion of tasks. We have fun but challenging activities such as climbing a shaky ladder, hanging from rings, balancing across a beam and tumbling. These activities concentrate on strength building and coordination.

Manipulative Play: Playing with toys such as balls, scarves, bean bags or poly spots helps the children with large and small muscle developement and mathematical concepts such as how many and what size and classification. It also offiers a chance to control and manipulate their environment while developing good hand eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

Transition Classes: Usually by the age of 3 the children are ready for their own gym class. The adults sit out and the children are in the gym with the teachers. In our gymnastic/PE class the children are challenged to have fun while mastering their physical skill. This is done in a non-competitive environment where self-accomplishment and teamwork are praised. The activities become increasingly more challenging.

Gym and Art: For children 3 and up we offer two hours gym and art classes. This delightful class includes gym, tumbling, hanging, climbing, balancing and sport games, as well as story time, snack and an art project.

How classes work: Parents pick an appropriate age, day and time and come once a week to their assigned class. New parents to Fit For Kids are encouraged to shedule a free trial class. We require appointments for all classes. Sessions run consecutively; you come once a week to your day and time. Children thrive on routine and make friends by coming to the same class each week. Missed classes may be made up on another day and time, but we do not give credits, refunds or deduct missed classes from future sesions for any reason.

Fit for Kids Children's Gym has been committed to providing quality gym classes for children since 1998. Our full time salaried teachers are dedicated to enriching children's lives through excerise and learning. We have been told that Fit for Kids is the cleanest gym in town!
Dear families, after 18 years in our West Hollywood location we have lost our lease. We will be searching for a new location in January, 2017. To receive updates, and or to contact us, please send an email to Joan's attention. Thank you for your past participation at Fit For Kids. It has been our honor and pleasure to serve you and your children.